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#RSCLear : Literature Students Watch RSC Lear

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Sixth form students who take A Level English Literature watched a Royal Shakespeare Company live broadcast of King Lear on Thursday 9th February. They were joined by students from Year 10 who are considering taking English Literature as an option. The live broadcast supports students’ understanding of the genre of tragedy, which is one of the units studied for A Level. Students… Read more »

St. Julie’s Read at Allerton Library

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Students from 7 Elizabeth along with Mrs Bridges, Miss Stephenson and Mr Anderson have visit Allerton Library for the ‘St Julie’s Reads’ programme. The girls did an exciting treasure hunt as they tried to get to know what the library had to offer.  The session finished with some quiet reading time.  The girls chose a book that intrigued them from… Read more »

Creative Writing: Reflection by Rosie

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The frozen lake a dark pocket Hidden deep within the forest Looking beyond it’s depths is like looking in a mirror on the wall A faraway look within my eyes I do not recall Within those hollow eyes I see somebody else I see the eyes of somebody that is not myself The winter wind it calls me home To… Read more »

Recommended Read: The Maze Runner

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The Maze Runner by James Dashner Recently Sophie, Ellie and I read a book called The Maze Runner. The book was based on a boy called Thomas who gets put in a maze however he loses his memory of everything. A girl named Theresa helps him out and they soon become best friends. Later on in the maze, a boy… Read more »

Reading ambassador update

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Refurbishing the reading room Whilst seeing our new school grow and develop has been exciting, it has meant that we lost our much used school library last summer. Over the past few months, we have been designing a new reading room for the school, in the reading hub of our school, Our Lady’s. Firstly, we planned the layout of the… Read more »

Mrs Flynn’s Desert Island Books!

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I had to think really hard about which books I could take to a desert Island as I have enjoyed reading so many over the years. I tried to think about the books that I had gone back to, the books I had re-read. In the radio programme the people stranded are allowed The Bible and The Complete Works of… Read more »

Y13 English Language do university!

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Mrs Jones, Miss Clarke, myself and the year 13 A Level class took a trip down to Liverpool Hope University to receive a lecture about English Language. The lecture gave us an insight into sexism in language, political/ courtroom language and multilingualism. What stood out to me personally was the lecture about sexism in language, that I personally feel this… Read more »

Get Caught Reading!

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Part One… This week, the Reading Ambassadors (on behalf of the English Department) have been doing some detective work around school and have found (shockingly) teachers reading in their natural habitats. This is in support of our ‘Reading for Pleasure’ drive, in which people everywhere are encouraged to pick up a book. We found Miss Roberts teaching an A-Level dance… Read more »

Why we enjoy reading by Reading Ambassadors Beth and Alice

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Reading is a crucial part of your education. Being able to read properly is a necessity when it comes to exams because if you can’t read the question, you’re never going to be able to answer it. Reading is also critical in lessons so you can learn what you need to know to answer the questions and it helps to… Read more »