Recommended Read: The Maze Runner

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The Maze Runner by James Dashner


Recently Sophie, Ellie and I read a book called The Maze Runner. The book was based on a boy called Thomas who gets put in a maze however he loses his memory of everything. A girl named Theresa helps him out and they soon become best friends. Later on in the maze, a boy called Chuck takes a bullet for Thomas. However, Chuck dies and now Thomas keeps a wooden penguin to remember him by.  People who enter the maze say “Whoever enters the maze never comes out”.

After we read that book we read the second one, which is called The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. In this book we see Thomas as a grown boy trying to escape the maze. Eventually he does. Throughout the book he loses many friends to death from Zombie Bites. He meets a man called Jorge and his friend called Brenda. They help Thomas and his friends try and escape the area of Wicked- Wicked is the place in which the maze was based and they keep many teenagers and turn them into a perfect army by using a machine and they take out something from their brains which prevents them from dying. Jorge and Brenda owned a building which supplies shelter and heat for other teenagers that have escaped Wicked. All of the characters that are featured in this moment head to the mountains where they hope they cannot be found. However Thomas’s “best friend” (Theresa) betrays the characters and calls Wicked so that they can go back and be “safe”. In the end many people- Including Thomas and his friends- escape Wicked and carry on their journey.

There is a part 3 to the Maze Runner which is called The Death Cure, and it tells us more about Thomas and his friends. We have not yet read this book but we plan to read it soon.

By Lauren H, Ellie G and Sophie H