Reading ambassador update

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Refurbishing the reading room

Whilst seeing our new school grow and develop has been exciting, it has meant that we lost our much used school library last summer. Over the past few months, we have been designing a new reading room for the school, in the reading hub of our school, Our Lady’s.

Firstly, we planned the layout of the room and decided what we were going to add to make it an engaging environment.We added bean bags, a rug, a bin, fairy lights and learning posters. We also rearranged the room by moving the book shelves and clearing used books from the department. A new range of books will be added alongside classical novels that have been studied by the students for many years.

As reading ambassadors, it has been exciting to create a space that students from across the school can use when they simply want to read for pleasure.  As reading ambassadors we are proud of what we are able to offer as reading role models for the students in our school.