Get Caught Reading!

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Part One…

This week, the Reading Ambassadors (on behalf of the English Department) have been doing some detective work around school and have found (shockingly) teachers reading in their natural habitats. This is in support of our ‘Reading for Pleasure’ drive, in which people everywhere are encouraged to pick up a book.

We found Miss Roberts teaching an A-Level dance class in a creative way.


We found Mr Anderson reading with Flat Julie: running is his favourite sport.


Mr Perry was shocked to find out that E=MC²


Mr Willis was enamoured with ‘Lord of the Flies’.


Mr Quinn found time to relax with some music theory.


Miss McKean caught up with her favourite Shakespeare play, ‘Othello’.


Mrs Morley was distracted from her tea by ‘Coraline’.


And across the corridor, Miss Sutton was reading the same book!


Mrs Flynn nearly accidentally laminated her copy of ‘Lord of the Flies’!


It was story time in E9 as Mrs Bridges read ‘The Kite Runner’ with her A-Level class.


And we found Mr Alderman taking time out of his busy day to read ‘In Spite of Fog’, written by one of the Sisters of Notre Dame, next to the Christmas display.


We hope that this encourages you to also pick up your favourite title (or a new one) and join our staff in some light reading.

Eve and Emily

Year 12 Reading Ambassadors